Hololive.News Creative Original Novels: Red Winter:#HaachamaHorror

Hololive.News Creative Original Novels: Red Winter:#HaachamaHorror

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The original is in Japanese. I have translated it into English.Please let me know if there are any mistakes in the English.If it’s interesting, I’ll write more. Please like and retweet.by Hololive.news

My name is Chris Martinwood.

It’s been a week since an old friend came to visit me.

It has become a winter tradition for me and my old friend to spend time together in the southern hemisphere sunshine, relaxing in this clear blue sea. Even though it is winter, the temperature in Australia is close to 20 degrees in September, and the sunshine is much stronger than in the northern hemisphere.

I ignored the occasional spray on my face as I sat on the boat, reading my favorite novel in the persistent sun, and kept my mind on my friend who was enjoying a dive in the rather cold water.

“Hey! Hey, it’s a rough sea here, those fish hurt me! I’m more comfortable where I went last year.”

My friend’s shins were bleeding as he walked up to the boat.He said, “After all, there is no better sea than the Adriatic.”

My friend, who is a bit outspoken, is a doctor from Italy. His name is Gabriele Russo. He is cheerful and talkative, but his skill is top-notch, and I am proud to have him as a friend, and as a doctor, he is someone I look up to.

I’m a free practicing doctor here in Australia, in the blue sea and the vast land. I have a good reputation, if I do say so myself, a reputation that allows me to have time off to relax, like today…

My friend took out a bandage and a dressing to stop the bleeding from his bag, disinfected it with a bit of strong alcohol, and tended to the wound.

“It’s going to be cold in the evening. Hey, Chris. Let’s go eat something nutritious for the wound.”

We checked our watches at 16:09, and decided to go back and have dinner. We decided to eat at our usual restaurant, which was far away from my clinic, but it was a good place to eat meat dishes, and my friend was familiar with it, having been there many times.

My friend and I were chatting, eating thick meat and more vegetables for our tired bodies, despite the swimming and the mild winter sunshine.The usual nonsense. The young cook at that restaurant was good at his job, the regulars at that restaurant were annoying, the bar over there had a customer who was in love with him, and so on.

As I was finishing up my meal and pouring the last of the wine, I heard a loud phone ringing, like a call from an old drama.

It seemed to be a business call… I made a face of disgust, but as my friend continued to talk, I interrupted the conversation and picked up the phone.The caller was a woman who sounded a little young, but in poor English, she asked me to come to my hospital immediately. I want you to come as soon as possible. That’s all.I told my friend, who hadn’t completely finished dinner yet, about the call and we decided to head to my hospital together.

After about ten minutes of driving from the store, I see my little hospital.Even though it’s on the edge of a residential area, it’s not called a quack yet in this area, and even the old men and women in the neighborhood come to see the doctor and treat their injuries. I’m sure the couple who jogs there every morning have nothing bad to say about our hospital.

When I parked my car in front of the garage and headed for the entrance of the hospital, a girl was standing there with a very large bag, looking at the entrance and the inside of the hospital through the glass. When the girl saw me and my friend, she suddenly started crying loudly and all she could say was please help us.

I unlocked the door and led her to the waiting room next door, which was connected to the operation room, and the girl suddenly opened the door of the operation room, put the big bag on the operating table and said, “Hurry!Hurry! Please do something quickly! I beg you. I don’t have much time! Please, please! Please connect my neck!” As she said this, the girl was screaming and looked a little confused.

My friend and I were speechless as we unzipped the big bag.

Here in Australia, we often see patients and bodies attacked by crocodiles and sharks, but it’s not so barbaric or dangerous that it’s common to hear about people getting their front teeth knocked out in a fight with a kangaroo. However, when my friend and I stared at the contents of the bag, we were speechless.

My friend couldn’t help but mutter to the girl so that she could hear, “This is going to be troublesome…”.

Inside the bag was a dead body, or to be more precise, the corpse of a girl whose head and torso had been cut off.

The girl just said, “Please do something quickly,” and was not talking.

My friend said coldly to the girl.

“Young lady, she’s already dead, there’s nothing you can do. At any rate, Chris should call the police as soon as possible, I don’t want any trouble. It’ll ruin my vacation.”

It was true, even though Italy had a long vacation period, it was understandable that he would lose his vacation, but considering the treatment of this girl, he hesitated to call them right away. No matter how I looked at it, the girl seemed to be underage. Here in Queensland, anyone under the age of 17 is a minor, and if the police came now, they would suspect us of being the culprits.However, while we adults were thinking about this, the girl was still appealing for help.

My friend and I told the girl to go to the staff waiting room to rest, and then we went to work suturing the neck and torso of the corpse on the operating table.

The corpse was not bleeding much, and the cut was only slightly bloodied. It must have been cut with a very sharp blade. This headless girl must have been in a lot of pain…

In about half an hour, the two of us were done with our holiday work. My friend had recently worked as an assistant to a famous doctor who had successfully transplanted a head into another person’s body in Italy.Sewing a head onto a dead body was like repairing a stuffed animal.

The neck and torso were connected, but the scars were terrible, and of course there was no way they would come back to life. My friend and I went to the room to talk to the girl who was resting in the staff waiting room.There was no sign of the girl in the room… On the desk was a note written in large, incorrect English: [Thank you. This will bring her back to life. My name is Akai Haato, I’m a foreign student from Japan. Please don’t worry about the cost. I will pay you. ]It was messily written in the wrong spelling.I heard a door close somewhere… I went back to the treatment room to take off my white coat, and found that the bag and the headless body were gone.

Limp and exhausted, I dropped my friend off at the condo where she was staying and went to bed early. Today’s incident made me wonder if I was getting a headache from the midday sun. I hurried my car to the house next to the hospital.I remembered what my friend had said to me on the way home.

“Have a drink and get some sleep, Chris.It was a good day at the beach.Let’s go to the river tomorrow.”

I opened a bottle of craft beer made by a relative and lay down in bed for the early morning.


The Next Day

With yesterday’s events still fresh in my mind, I was busy dealing with a patient coming into the hospital, an emergency, a common occurrence, a snake bite, fortunately not venomous so it wouldn’t kill him, and yet I saw the delivery man screaming at the top of his lungs, and I reached for my phone to send him a text apologizing for postponing the incident on the river with my friend.Underneath my phone, I found yesterday’s note paper, clean and without any coffee stains. Looking closer, I saw the address. Oxley Middle Park, 8-10 Hazelton Street…

I apologized to my friend for not being able to fish the river with him today, and suggested that we have an early dinner at 4:00 p.m. today.Sure enough, he replied quickly that he had just finished fishing and wanted to have dinner right away since he was out of alcohol.I closed the hospital and drove to the river. My friend was on a bicycle, so I thought it would be a good idea to put him in the back of the car, and I dumped my junk in the car.

Sure enough, there was my friend sitting at the usual rocky spot, around the bend where we have our annual BBQ with friends from here. It was the same last week.My friend said, “The river here is dead, you can’t catch any fish. I can’t catch any fish. The number of fish in my net is not increasing, and my drink is dwindling. It’s a dead river, you idiot! “He was drunk, but his voice was louder than usual, and he kept on talking to me.

I put my friend in the car and drove to the usual store, where I saw a supermarket in Middle Park.Middle Park, Hazelton… Surprisingly, it seemed to be near here. I told my friend that I had found the address in yesterday’s note, and naturally turned the steering wheel to the address on the Middle Park note.After five minutes of driving, we pulled up in front of the house on the note and my friend and I headed for the front door of the large house.The house was large, but I guess it was a normal size in Australia. My friend looked at me without hesitation and immediately rang the doorbell.No one seemed to answer the door, there was no sign of anyone in the yard, and no sign of the barking dog. My friend rang the doorbell several times, as if he wanted to go out for dinner.

“Looks like no one’s home, my dinner time is wasted.”

I decided to go back to the car with my friend and head to my usual restaurant, since there was no one here anymore.

“I’m sorry, but that address might have been a lie.”

I turned on the engine of the car and looked in the rearview mirror to see a high school bus dropping off students behind our car, who looked like they had just been released from a tedious class.When I saw one of the girls, I decided to get out of the car again with my friend, because the girl who had carried the dead body in a bag was walking towards the house we had just left.

‘This address was real… I think we should talk to that girl instead of dinner…'”

My friend made a face of disgust at the fact that dinner would be late, and said, “Well, it’s your treat today.”He got out of the car.The girl from yesterday, Akai Haato, might not have been lying. My friend and I approached the girl before she walked into the door of the house.

“I’m the doctor who stitched up the neck and torso you brought me yesterday, remember?”

The girl didn’t seem surprised and ushered us both into the living room.

“About yesterday…”I tried to ask her a question, unfazed by any answer she might give me.

She told us that she was an exchange student from Japan, that she was staying at the house, that she and a friend were looking at bicycles in the garage when the garage suddenly fell down and severed her neck, and that she would not run away because she was now prohibited from moving overseas from Australia. Then she handed us a red envelope.

“I will pay for your expenses. Please take it.”

The envelope contained a check for ten thousand Australian dollars.
“We didn’t say anything about the cost. We’re not going to charge a minor a lot of money. More importantly…” I spoke quickly to the girl, thinking of some kind of incident.The girl, urging us to accept the money, said thank you and bowed in the Japanese style.

My friend, a little irritated, asked, “Young lady, I’m sorry about your friend, but what did you do with such a large sum of money? What did you do with your family here? You didn’t kill the whole family and take their money, did you?”

“CHIGAIMASU!” (Japanese meaning “No”)

What? What’s this all of a sudden? Is that Japanese?

“Lady, we don’t mind that you’re upset, but you need to speak English, with an Aussie accent.”

Unlike my friend, I’ve lived in Australia all my life, so I don’t think my Aussie accent is being made fun of too badly. Thinking it was somewhat better than English with an Italian accent, I approached the girl.

“We helped you, can’t you at least explain a little bit?”

The girl, with a look of disgust in her eyes, began to talk to us both.

“I’m a foreign student from Japan, and I’m streaming on Youtube. I have some money. I don’t do any odd jobs, and it’s not like I killed my family. My family here is just visiting my uncle in Brisbane for a week or so.”

“I’m glad to hear that. But why did you bring the body back yesterday? What were you going to do with it? Were you going to feed it to your pet crocodile?”

I thought my friend’s words were a bit out of line, but then I realized that I had completely lost track of the dead girl earlier. After all, did they bury her in a grave or feed her to the sharks? Either way, what was the point of tying her neck to the ground?

In response to my friend’s mocking question, she told us something we both hadn’t expected. “What did you just say? “My friend opens his mouth unexpectedly.

‘That girl is alive and well. She’s alive and well, thanks to the stitches in her neck and torso. Thank you very much.”

I couldn’t help but shout out loud at the girl who spoke so calmly.

“We’re both doctors, no matter how quacks we are, we know the difference between a dead person and a living one!!”

A little startled by my voice, and a little shaken by the outcry I had unintentionally let out, the girl told us and led us out.

“Please come back tomorrow at this time.”

Slam! The front door slammed shut with a strong sound.

“She wants us to go home for the day? What do you mean, you want me to come back tomorrow to this house that doesn’t even serve coffee, and if I come back, you’ll serve me café colette?”

Not feeling up to the idea of coming back tomorrow, we headed back to the usual restaurant for a later-than-usual dinner.As we were driving, my friend was reminiscing about the kid…

As he smoked a cigarette, my friend asked me if I remembered him telling me about his kid.

His hobby was bisque dolls. It’s not a girly thing, and his wife is very fond of her bisque doll. She’s like a daughter to him.When I first started practicing medicine, my friend had a beautiful daughter. He loved her very much, and she loved him very much. That’s what a parent should do.But the unfortunate thing for my friend was that his beloved daughter became immobile from the neck down due to a fall from her bed when she was small.The proper treatment had not been established, the nerves were damaged, and of course she would never be able to move again. Her body didn’t grow much, but her brain was wise, she learned many words just like her parents, and she was even sarcastic to me when I went out to play on my days off.

If you are a parent, you would want to run on the sand of the beach with your daughter, play hide and seek, or go to town to buy clothes. But my friend’s daughter did not live to be 17.

When my friend’s daughter turned 16, I went to visit him at his house in Italy, because I heard him asking me to be a witness. In Italy, the Death with Dignity Act is coming into effect in 2018.

This time, there was actually something more important than a witness. This time, there was actually something more important than the witness’s case: the head of the patient was to be cut off immediately after the brain death was determined, and the other head was to be transplanted into the amputated woman with full limbs. You might be thinking, “That’s just a common story in science fiction movies, what’s the point of a grown man saying that? What’s the point? However, the operation was actually successfully performed on a Russian patient in Italy on November 22, 2017, and the paper was published. My friend is the assistant of the professor. Or more accurately, he was an assistant.

And the least I could do for my friend was to make sure his daughter died with dignity and help a little with the surgery afterwards.My friend’s daughter’s heartbeat was getting weaker and weaker… On the bed next to her was already a headless corpse… although the blood was still circulating through the artificial heart, the body of his new daughter was being prepared. Just in case you were wondering, this woman was a donor. If that were true, it would only be a small portion of her heart, kidneys, liver, etc., but…

August 2018… My friend had a child who was turning 16, or more accurately, a daughter who never turned 17. If she’d lived until now, she’d be about 18 or 19 …

The surgery was a failure, an operation that my friend and I could not manage alone. It wasn’t until the next year that my friend started coming to Australia with her bisque doll to enjoy long vacations. They came to Australia in the winter to avoid the summer when their daughter died, and returned to the Italian winter at the end of the winter.

Time for a little early dinner… At 16:08, my friend and I were once again in front of yesterday’s door.As we were about to ring the doorbell, the girl from yesterday came up behind us and said, “Hello, please come in.”

I guess it was the girl’s character to speak in such a matter-of-fact tone. She led us to the living room sofa where she had sat yesterday and told us to wait a bit.

She’ll be back in a little while. She’s working outside.My friend asks a question.” By she do you mean that dead body?”

My friend speaks again.”Young lady, I heard that in Japan they eat small fish alive with soy sauce, are you Japanese crazy?”

It’s delicious,” the girl replied without smiling.

“Who’s coming to visit today?Is it a friend from your school, Haato?”A cheerful voice came from the doorway and the sound of slapping shoes approached us both.

“What a bore, a school teacher?”

My friend and I turned around and saw that girl with the stitches in her neck standing there looking fine, indeed, the girl who was that corpse back then.I looked at my friend’s stunned face with wide eyes and spoke to the girl.

“I’m the doctor in charge of AKai Haato’s school. You don’t know our faces because you’re always so cheerful, but she’s not as strong as you. She came by today to make sure you were taking your medicine.”I mouthed the words that were obviously a lie.

The wound on her neck was hidden by her choker, so I couldn’t see it. However, when I looked closely at the two girls, I noticed that they looked like twins.The only difference is their personalities, one of them seems calm and cool. Yesterday, the headless girl came to offer us coffee and cookies for our visit. She even offered us dinner. The headless girl also spoke with more warmth.My friend and I politely declined the headless girl’s proposal and left their house.

When I tried to tell my friend that I didn’t understand what was going on, he said, “Chris… it looks to me like the girl’s neck, the girl’s neck, is nicely connected.”I couldn’t see it through the choker.” I said to my friend.

“Oh, well, anyway, she’s alive… the girl, she’s alive. That’s good, because I’m on vacation in Australia, and I’m not here to kill people.”My friend had a complicated look on his face, but he was able to squeeze out a sound.

Once again, we were having dinner later than usual.After finishing the meal in an indescribable atmosphere, I left my friend and went to my room to open my computer.It’s not that I don’t watch Youtube, but I’m so busy that if I had the time, I’d rather sleep.

“I’m a foreign student from Japan, and I’m streaming on Youtube. I have some money. I don’t do any odd jobs, and it’s not like I killed my family. My family here is just visiting my uncle in Brisbane for a week or so.”I remembered the girl’s words.

“If you doubt me, come and see the delivery.”

The headless girl had also spoken.

“Haato-chan is a Youtuber. She’s very popular. Her channel name is…”

AKai Haato Ch.

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It was true that she was streaming on Youtube.
However, it’s a good time to be an international student, and you can make money anywhere with an internet connection.I looked at Youtube and saw that the girl who brought the decapitated corpse the other night was streaming in foreigner-specific English.I see… It didn’t matter to me, as I had no interest in it. When I saw the girl streaming, I felt like what happened that night was just a dream or something from the past, so I turned off my computer and went to bed to sleep.

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A few weeks later … my friend was back in Italy after his vacation and his days were peaceful.I was tending to the wounds of a patient who came in suddenly in the evening, finished listening to the story of an old man in the neighborhood, and was eating a pizza I had brought, when suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

I turned around and saw the girl with the stitches in her neck and torso standing there, carrying a large bag of something.I decided to call her the Headless Girl.

“Sir, I need a favor.”

As She said this, The headless girl then placed the large bag on the examination table.

“I need you to connect neck to body.”

What the hell is she talking about? If it’s the neck, I’ve sutured it. I tried to check the wound on her neck, but it was still hidden by the choker and I couldn’t see it.I said, “Quit joking, I’m tired, we can do this tomorrow. If it was a joke, it was a bad joke. “I thought of all the excuses I could think of to return the girl.

“Please connect this neck to this body. It’s not me. It’s her.”

The girl said, and she opened a large bag, like a corpse bag, and pulled out something big and lumpy.

?!It wasn’t a watermelon or a mannequin head, but the head of the girl I had seen the other day, although her eyes were closed.It seemed that the torso was still in the bag on the examination table.

“Please connect this girl’s neck.”

The girl spoke up again.

“Connect his neck, please.”

Hmmm… I think I’m going to have to dream about this.

I began the process of connecting the necks.All the while, the girl stood by my side.

Half an hour later, the neck was connected, and when I say connected, I mean just sutured.Of course the girl would not come back to life.

I took off my lab coat and went to the washroom to wash my face and hands, and sure enough, when I returned after washing my face, the girl who had first connected my neck and the girl who had just connected my neck were gone.The bag containing the body and a note were left in my examination room.

[If you’re so inclined, take a look at today’s stilling. You’ll be amazed.]

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I looked on Youtube and saw that girl streaming on Akai Haato Ch…


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Hololive.News Creative Original Novels: Red Winter:#HaachamaHorror